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JOSE SOLIVAN arrested for abandoning a mother dog on the side of the road and selling her puppies

- Connecticut, USA -


On the late evening of April 16, 2024, Wolcott Police Department Dispatch called Animal Control Officer Roz Nenninger to advise that someone reported they had found a dog in the area of 695 Spindle Hill Road.


ACO Nenninger responded to the area and met with the caller who had remained on the scene with the dog.


The dog, a female Pitbull who had no collar, “was a recent mother as her mammary glands were hanging down”, stated the report obtained by Voice For Us.


ACO Nenninger reported that the mama dog was very friendly but anxious and also seemed to be in distress. She also noted that the dog was “visibly full of milk, her mammary glands were very enlarged and when her nipples were squeezed, she was still producing milk.”


ACO Nenninger then took the mama dog to the Wolcott Animal Control Facility where staff checked her for a microchip but none was found.


After further examination, ACO Nenninger took pictures of the dog that were shared on the Facebook page of Wolcott Dog Pound in hopes of finding her guardian. The pictures were also widely shared on social media and the local news outlets also covered the story.


According to the report, when ACO Nenninger was in her office, she could hear the dog  “howling and crying in distress.” ACO Nenninger then took her outside for a walk but she was “pulling and searching, whining and crying.”


Two days later, on April 18, 2024, a man called ACO Nenninger and said that he became aware of the dog's story through social media and the local news. He identified the dog as Maya and was able to reveal who her guardian was and who dumped her. The man further stated that he had bought two of Maya's seven puppies from 27-year-old JOSE SOLIVAN (pictured).


ACO Nenninger asked the man how old the puppies were and he said that they were born on April 10, 2024. The man told ACO Nenninger that he was willing to bring the puppies back as they were too young to be away from their mom. When ACO Nenninger rightfully asked him why he bought puppies who were so young, he said he feared that if he didn’t, they would die. The man explained that SOLIVAN approached him on April 17, 2024, with three puppies but the man did not have enough money to buy all of them so he bought two for $100 each.


Later on the same day, SOLIVAN went to the Wolcott Police Department to provide a written statement of the events. SOLIVAN stated that he had had Maya since she was approximately three and a half months old. He said he got rid of her because Maya “wasn’t feeding the puppies.” He claimed that the puppies were crying and he did not know what to do. He went on to say that his “Boy”, who had a lot of experience with dogs told him Maya’s milk was poison. ACO Nenninger asked SOLIVAN why he did not take Maya to the vet. To that, SOLIVAN answered: “Naaa, my boy said he knows.” When he was asked to sign over custody of Maya to the Town of Wolcott, he said he had given Maya to another person and that person must have dumped her and they should sign. Eventually, he reluctantly agreed to sign.


SOLIVAN was asked how many puppies Maya had but he insisted she only had four. He then said Maya had five puppies but she ate one of them.


Meanwhile, Wolcott Dog Pound kept sharing pictures of Maya and her babies and through a Facebook post of April 20, 2024, they advised: “Keep SHARING !!!! One more puppy recovered this morning !!!!! 3 more to go !!!!!


According to a press release by the Wolcott Police Department obtained by Voice For Us,

On May 23, 2024, SOLIVAN turned himself into the Wolcott Police Department, after being notified that police held a warrant for him for the charges of Cruelty to Animals and False Statement with a $25,000 bond.


Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens said: “We are happy to report that we have recovered 5 of the 7 puppies, who are all doing very well.” He also explained that “Since the pups were sold prematurely in Waterbury, The Waterbury Police Dept. is also investigating Mr. Solivan, and an arrest based on their warrant is expected.”


SOLIVAN, you put Maya through hell just for a few bucks. If you need money, why don’t you sell yourself? Or here’s a crazy idea, get a job!!!!

You’ve had Maya since she was just a few months old and that’s your love for her? Abandoned on the side of the road as if she was trash?

You are too ignorant to understand the trauma of a nursing mother not being near her babies, and the fear and confusion of the poor puppies being separated from their mom.

Even a slow and painful death would be too generous for you!


# # #


Disclaimer: This story is sourced from official police reports provided to Voice For Us.

Please note that details may be removed or new information added should updates become available.

In the case of charges being dropped, dismissed, or the case being purged, this article will be rectified accordingly, if official documentation is provided to Voice For Us.



SOLIVAN’s mugshot provided to Voice For Us by the Wolcott Police Department


Pictures and videos shared from Wolcott Dog Pound.

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
May 24

I second what the author of Voice for Us said of this pathetic POS SOLIVAN, you should attempt to sell yourself but you have absolutely no buyers cuz who would purchase SHIT?! Get a job? Hah! Which what qualifications? Your one & only attribute is being an absolute POS! I am so happy Maya & almost all her babies are together, but please keep looking for the others!

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