Greek parliament votes to make animal abuse a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison

- Greece -

Some of you may remember the story I posted on October 23, about a dog who had been tortured in Crete by his 55-year-old guardian.

The furbaby had been tied up in the backyard and was then castrated without anesthesia.

Many people, and NOT just animal activists, were rightfully and understandably outraged by that incident, yet another one has happened.

Days later, in Athens, a dog was repeatedly stabbed in the stomach and chest, piercing his lung.

Makis Voridis, the Minister of Rural Development and Food, vowed to introduce a stricter criminal system resulting in more effective prosecution and punishment of animal abusers.

Well, here we are.

Greece has passed a law which will make serious animal abuse a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison!!!

The law defines serious animal abuse as including poisoning, hanging, burning and mutilation.

The Greek parliament unanimously voted through the measure, which will see minimum one-year sentences and fines between €5,000 ($5,937) and €15,000 ($17,811).

Additionally, the new law aims to make it easier for authorities to prosecute animal abusers.

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