HERBERT L. MANLEY waives preliminary hearing in animal cruelty case

- Delaware, USA -

A subhuman who shot a defenseless dog on May 31, waived his preliminary hearing on July 8, in Sussex County Court of Common Pleas and the case against him moved to Superior Court.

69-year-old HERBERT L. MANLEY (pictured below), of Dover, is accused of shooting a nearly 2-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever, Tank.

The furbaby was rushed to an emergency animal hospital in Salisbury where he was sadly euthanized.

Tank’s daddy, Mr. Jim Sekcienski told Cape Gazette his furbaby’s jaw was shattered, his tongue severed, but his tail never stopped wagging.

With all that pain, he was still wagging his tail. The vet couldn't believe it”, said Mr. Sekcienski.

According to Delaware Online, on the evening of May 31, Tank got out of his yard after his parents, Jim and Karen Sekcienski left their home and the gate open “to chase an unruly all-terrain vehicle rider.

Tank then ended up on a vacant lot.

One of the neighbors noticed that Tank was loose and said that in the meantime another resident promptly went to get a leash to secure Tank.

Cape Gazette reports that according to witnesses and court documents, that evening, MANLEY was in the area of Delaware and Oak Orchard avenues and had walked up and down Oak Orchard Avenue several times before shooting Tank.

Delaware Online reports instead that residents saw a couple walking up and down multiple times before Tank was shot.

Reportedly, Mr. Sekcienski heard a pop and then someone told him Tank had been shot.

Mr. Sekcienski told Cape Gazette: “I went up to him face-to-face. He was still holding his gun, and he said Tank was trying to bite him.”

A “Justice For Tank” petition states that MANLEY called 911 to report the shooting.

According to Delaware Online, Delaware State Police responded to the scene.

The petition states that MANLEY “flashed a badge at the officers, saying he was retired from the force.”

The case was then turned over to the Office of Animal Welfare.

State police spokeswoman Heather Pepper said: “The trooper investigated the incident and it was determined no crimes were committed and no arrest was made.”

Then days after the incident, Delaware Animal Services charged MANLEY with a felony count of cruelly or unnecessarily killing an animal.

Mr. Sekcienski shared with Cape Gazette episodes that highlight Tank’s sweet nature and said that nothing about Tank was aggressive pointing out that his best friend was a cat.

Mr. Sekcienski also said that Tank was the kind of dog who would sit passively while frogs jumped by him on the lawn.

This guy discharged his weapon with no regard to anyone who was in the area. He just plain out murdered my dog”, rightfully said Tank’s dad.

MANLEY maintained his position and records state he told an officer with the Office of Animal Welfare that Tank charged at him and was foaming at the mouth.

According to a court document “Herbert felt threaten[ed] and felt if he did not shoot the dog it would have jumped up on him. He shot one round at the dog’s head. He said he did not want to kill the dog, just injure it to protect himself.”

Witnesses present at the scene reported Tank not being aggressive nor threatening.

On June 19, Tank’s parents, Jim and Karen Sekcienski, led a vigil on The Circle in Georgetown where friends and strangers came together to remember the sweet furbaby.

A court date in Sussex Superior Court has not yet been posted.

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