World's most trafficked mammal rescued in Jharkhand by the forest department

- Jharkhand, India -

An endangered pangolin was rescued by the forest department in Jharkhand on Saturday, April 18.

Villagers of Rangachapd village caught the animal after they found him in a field.

Divisional Forest Officer Sushil Soren said that the World Wildlife Fund put pangolins on the list of endangered species of animals, and there is a complete ban on their capture and smuggling.

The scaly anteater, native to Asia and Africa, is believed to be the most illegally traded animal in the world.

Officer Soren also said that the skin and flesh of these animals are in high demand in international markets.

They are traded for their scales, which are used in traditional medicines, while their meat is also prized.

Although Indian Forest Services Officer Susanta Nanda shared a video of the rescue on Twitter, he criticized the filming.

He wrote: “This animal is severely stressed. But all rescues are to be videographed before shifting them to safety. The times we live.”

After the incident became public, a team from the local police station went to investigate.

Officer Soren said the pangolin would be once again released in the forest of Kundhit.



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