UPDATE: SHANE MICHAEL THOMPSON sentenced to probation in animal cruelty case

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

- Colorado, USA -

On Wednesday, December 30, Boulder District Judge Thomas F. Mulvahill (pictured below), sentenced 30-year-old SHANE MICHAEL THOMPSON (pictured below), to two years of probation and 60 hours of community service after THOMPSON accepted a plea deal in his cases.

THOMPSON, of Lafayette, is accused of failing to provide adequate care for the 10 Pitbulls, 2 Chinchillas, 2 Boa Constrictors and the Bearded Dragon he was living with in a garage.

Colorado Hometown Weekly reports that on November 16, THOMPSON had pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals and ownership of a dangerous dog, both misdemeanors.

The plea deal resolved three cases that arose from the allegations, as prosecutors dismissed 18 felony animal cruelty counts as well as a related witness tampering case.

Boulder Deputy District Attorney Jenny McClintock asked for three years of probation, while THOMPSON’s attorney, Brian Emeson, asked for one year of probation.

Judge Mulvahill said: “I don’t think that three years is necessary, and I don’t think one year is enough”, so he handed down a ridiculous two-year probation time.

~ Original story:

On March 14, 2019, THOMPSON’s roommates called Lafayette Police to report they were attacked by THOMPSON’s Pitbulls.

According to an arrest affidavit, one of the roommates suffered a broken arm and lacerations that required surgery.

Following the complaint, police served a warrant at the house and officers discovered that THOMPSON was living in a garage with 3 adult Pitbulls, Setesha, Hela and Nephthys, 7 Pitbull puppies, 2 boa constrictors, 2 chinchillas, a bearded dragon and some fish.

Most of the animals were found to be underfed and injured.

The poor souls were being kept in cages or containers that were filthy, and too small for the size of the animals.

Boulder Deputy District Attorney McClintock said there were feces and urine everywhere, and “the smell was just unbearable.”

She described the living condition of the poor animals as “deplorable.”

All the animals were removed from the garage.

The reptiles were taken to the Colorado Reptile Humane Society in Longmont, and the mammals were placed at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

At sentencing, in addition to probation time, judge Mulvahill ordered mental health evaluation, anger management, and animal classes for THOMPSON.

THOMPSON will not be allowed to own animals during his probation sentence without court approval due to his “alarming” history with animals, which includes a prior animal cruelty case in Florida, reports Daily Camera.

Judge Mulvahill told THOMPSON: “Before you can have another pet, you’re going to have to demonstrate you can lawfully and appropriately care for them.”

I have searched for THOMPSON’s previous arrest records and I have learned that in October 2010, while he was living in Florida, he killed his three-legged dog named Moonshine.

News outlets at the time reported that SHANE MICHAEL THOMPSON, a gay porn star known by the stage name Jason Creed, on October 7, 2010, took Moonshine to Cole Animal Clinic in Boca Raton and tried to have the furbaby cremated.

THOMPSON told the staff that his wolf-dog mix, who was less than a year old, had died that morning, possibly from a seizure.

An initial medical examination revealed that Moonshine had bruised ears, a bloody nose, and food stuck in his throat.

The veterinarian said Moonshine likely choked to death.

THOMPSON thought he was going to get away with the murder of an innocent dog.

A friend of his called Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control the same day to say he believed THOMPSON had killed Moonshine.

Officers searched for Moonshine for hours when they finally found him at the clinic and demanded the staff release the body.

A necropsy was then performed on Moonshine.

Results showed that Moonshine had been beaten and then choked to death.

And judge Mulvahill is allowing this murderer to walk our street!

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