Taxi driver identified as YUSUF arrested for dragging a dog behind his taxi

- Kerala, India -

Chengamanad Police have arrested a male identified only as 62-year-old YUSUF (pictured below), for tying a dog to a taxi and dragging her for miles.

The incident happened on the morning of Friday, December 11, in Chalakka in Ernakulam district.

YUSUF is a taxi driver of Konnam House, Chalakka.

The News Minute reports that a witness, identified as Akhil KS, was riding his scooter when he saw the dog being dragged and took the video, before confronting YUSUF.

The poor dog was so exhausted that she collapsed while still being dragged.

Eventually, Akhil was able to block YUSUF’s taxi with his scooter and told him he was hurting the dog and that the dog was going to die.

YUSUF became rude and asked Akhil: “What is your problem if the dog dies?”

YUSUF then untied the dog leaving her on the street and drove off.

Akhil immediately alerted DAYA Animal Welfare Organization.

Akhil said: “It was a horrific scene. A rope was tied around the neck of the dog and it was being brutally dragged along the road.”

In the afternoon, DAYA’s Vice President, Mr. Krishnan TJ, and Akhil went looking for the furbaby.

After hours of searching they found her in a paddy field and rushed her to the Paravoor Veterinary Hospital.

She was badly injured all over her body.

Doctor Chandrakanth’s immediate treatment saved her precious life but DAYA is also consulting with Dr. Sonika Satheesh, and Dr. Kishorewith for further care.

DAYA has not decided yet whether they will shelter the furbaby or they will place her in the care of another organization.

For now, the sole priority is to help her heal and make sure she regains her strength.

After that, an executive committee of DAYA will decide the best option for the baby.

The News Minute reports that Krishnan said the 4-year-old dog is still weak and not in the best condition and added: “But she ate food and is sleeping. She is a very gentle dog and seems pretty comfortable here.”

Akhil posted the video online and it caught the attention of Chengamanad Police who then filed charges against YUSUF.

Additionally, according to police, as per the direction of AK Saseendran, Minister of transportation, the taxi was seized handed over to the police.

The motor vehicle department also decided to suspend YUSUF’s driving license.

YUSUF claimed he was forced to abandon the dog because some members of his family did not like her.

YUSUF you are a monster!!!

Akhil, many thanks for stepping in instead of walking away from animal cruelty!

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