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Take me to the Big Apple!

- Isle of Man - Located in the Irish Sea -

A couple traveling to New York, were at the Isle of Man airport when airport security pulled them aside to investigate the content of their carry-on.

Voirrey and Nick Coole were ushered to the interrogation room and to their surprise their cat Candy popped out of the bag!

She appeared on the security monitor!

The couple said they have three cats, but Candy is the one who likes to get into bags and boxes.

The bag was left empty because the Cooles intended to bring back gifts and they did not realize that Candy had snuck into it.

The airport security staff was very understanding about the whole event. The arranged for the furry passenger to be picked up so that Voirrey and Nick could go ahead and begin their vacation.

Candy probably thought: “Oh well, I tried!”

Thankfully, Candy was discovered, and a potential tragedy avoided.

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