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Mystery solved; furry thief caught on camera

- Texas, Hidalgo County, USA -

There is an explanation for almost everything…….

When a couple of deliveries went missing, the Garza family thought they were dealing with a package thief in their McAllen home.

They then viewed footage from their doorbell camera to find out what was going on.

To their amazement, they discovered that the thief was a dog!

The footage recorded by the Ring doorbell camera shows a mailman dropping off a package while a black dog lies in wait in their backyard.

As soon as the delivery guy leaves, the furbaby makes his move and trots to the family’s doorstep, sniffs the package, and then picks it up and takes it away.

The pup is a neighborhood stray.

10-year-old Abby Garza, said: “It was kind of funny because nobody would ever expect a dog to steal a package.”

Abby was expecting an Easter basket that never arrived, or better yet, that she never got.

Apparently, this is not the first package that was taken by the neighborhood pirate who Abby has nicknamed Cody.

Abby said: “The first package was my mom’s clothes.”

The Garza family said neighbors will return packages to their rightful owners should they come across a box dropped by the dog in the wrong spot.

Abby, have you considered adopting Cody? You have already named him.

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