SHAWN MICHAEL DEEHAN arrested on one felony count of animal cruelty with additional charges pending

Updated: Apr 4

- Virginia, USA -

UPDATE: April 4, 2021

The Daily Progress reports that on Wednesday, March 31, 60-year-old SHAWN MICHAEL DEEHAN (pictured below), appeared in the Orange County General District Court for a civil hearing.

As reported by CBS19, the hearing was to determine the custody of the six dogs who were seized on March 12.

The Daily Progress reports DEEHAN has been ordered to forfeit custody of six of his own dogs to the Orange County Animal Shelter.

The judge further ordered DEEHAN would no longer be allowed to possess companion animals or animals for training purposes.

Sadly, DEEHAN does have the right to appeal this decision, reports CBS19.

He is scheduled to appear back in General District Court on May 12, for a preliminary hearing on a Class 6 felony animal cruelty charge.

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~ Original story March 16, 2021:

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post that on March 8, they were alerted to a possible case of animal cruelty involving a dog who was emaciated and with an untreated injury that exposed bone.

Following an investigation, a search warrant was then executed for the property and buildings in the 3000 block of Pannell Lane in the Burr Hill area of the county, and that are owned by 60-year-old SHAWN MICHAEL DEEHAN (pictured).

The Sheriff’s Office said that DEEHAN is the owner and operator of “Global Dynamic Security” as well as “The Perfect Dog” which is reported to be a canine training facility.

The search warrant led to the seizure of twelve dogs who were found in crates covered with feces and urine that caused urine burns to the skin.

The poor furbabies did not have access to food or water and at least one dog was severely underweight with untreated injures to all four feet which required emergency veterinary treatment.

DEEHAN was arrested on one felony count of animal cruelty, with additional charges pending.

If anyone has any information concerning this case is asked to contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at (540) 672-1200 and speak with Sgt. Angie Bonner. Thank you!

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