SEAN PETER FENN sentenced after starving and neglecting a dog and a rat

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

- Western Australia, Australia -

UPDATE on 21-year-old SEAN PETER FENN (pictured below).

On Friday, December 18, in Midland Magistrate’s Court, FENN has been sentenced after being found guilty of two charges of animal cruelty.

FENN has been banned from owning any animals for 10 years, he has been fined $4,000, and ordered to pay more than $28,000 in court costs.

FENN has neglected and mistreated a rat and a dog named Angel at his Midland property.

RSPCA WA reports that in January 2020, the organization received a complaint about animals on FENN’s property.

An Inspector visited the property to investigate and FENN told the Inspector that the brown mixed-breed dog named Angel, was “skinny because she had worms.”

The Inspector then gave FENN clear instructions on appropriate feeding and provided a worming treatment.

During a subsequent visit, it was sadly noted that Angel’s condition had not improved.

FENN had also lied to the RSPCA WA because he removed Angel from the property and said she was at a local veterinarian clinic to be treated.

Thankfully, the organization located Angel and removed her on March 4.

Angel was then examined by veterinarians who revealed that she had a very low body condition score, and a large laceration to her vulva among other issues.

Angel was referred to an external veterinarian specializing in canine reproductive anatomy.

The results of an ultrasound and blood tests indicated that Angel’s injury was not caused by whelping, as FENN claimed, in fact Angel did not give birth to puppies at the time FENN stated.

On March 12, the RSPCA went back to the property with WA Police and executed a search warrant.

Officers found on the kitchen table a small cage with a rat inside who was lethargic and hunched over in the corner with his eyes half closed.

The poor soul did not have food or water.

The RSPCA Inspector took the rat out of the cage and the poor animal started stumbling and trembling.

He was first taken to the RSPCA WA shelter in Malaga where a veterinarian found him in need of intensive care, and then transferred to an external specialist for 24-hour observation.

Sadly, on the third day of treatment his health declined and was euthanized.

A necropsy performed on the rat showed emaciation and a low body score condition.

Executive Manager Animal and Enforcement Operations, Hannah Dreaver, said: “He simply wasn’t fed enough and it was too late to reverse the damage.”

Ms. Dreaver also said that the tragedy of both animals’ suffering could have been completely avoided and added: “Our animals rely on us totally for their well-being and it is simply not ok to neglect them like this. As for Angel, I’m pleased she’s doing well with one of our foster carers but it is still heartbreaking to think of everything she went through unnecessarily – how hungry she must have been and how much pain she suffered.”

Many thanks to whoever reported FENN to the authorities.

Remember, we are the eyes and ears of the authorities, and the voice of the animals!

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