SARA PREWETT arrested on animal cruelty charges after a car accident

- Florida, USA -

On Monday, December 28, a car accident involving 43-year-old SARA PREWETT (pictured below), led to her arrest on animal cruelty charges.

News4Jax reports that the incident happened on Oakleaf Village Parkway in Clay County, and when deputies ran her driver’s license, it turned out that a warrant was out for her arrest in Duval County.

In early September, two cats and two dogs were discovered in a home on St. Clair Street in Jacksonville’s Woodstock neighborhood.

PREWETT abandoned the furbabies without food and water.

Sadly, one dog was found lifeless.

The other furbabies were emaciated.

News4Jax reports that investigators say PREWETT was the animals’ guardian and kept them in filthy conditions.

Investigators are not sure for how long the poor souls were left abandoned, but a neighbor told News4Jax that between the time she saw PREWETT, and the time animal control showed up, several weeks had passed.

As of Tuesday, December 29, PREWETT remained in custody at the Clay County jail.

She is expected to be handed over to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

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