RUBEN TED SPROUSE charged with sixty-seven counts of animal cruelty

- Ohio, USA -

Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Brigham Anderson said that sixty-seven (67) counts of animal cruelty were filed against RUBEN TED SPROUSE after sixty-seven dogs were removed from his home at 5258 Ohio 650 west of Ironton.

The Herald-Dispatch reports that detective Jason Newman, with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and who also serves as county humane agent, obtained a search warrant which was executed on June 17.

The dogs, most of them Beagles, were found to be living in inhumane conditions.

Detective Newman said they were being kept in wire cages without food or water, they were emaciated, and had mange.

Some of cages had more than one dog inside with dog feces piled high in some of the kennels.

Some of the furbabies are now in the care of the Friends of Lawrence County Rescue, others are at Pitiful Paws Rescue in Chesapeake, and some are at BREW, a Beagle rescue group.

Referring to three furbabies in particular named Ned, Ace, and Fayne, Pitiful Paws Rescue wrote: “…all three have Lyme disease, and one has ehrlichia on top of that. Each dog is anemic, and still extremely dehydrated. Fayne’s bloodwork shows an issue with her liver - brought on by severe malnutrition and starvation. All of them have numerous other markers throughout their bloodwork of neglect and long term skin infections. They all three have severe ear infections, skin infections, and much more.”

The furbabies at Friends of Lawrence County Rescue have all been examined by a vet and the nonprofit wrote: “All have some degree of skin issues, some so severe they were bleeding. Teeth are deteriorated, on pups as young as 5 months, their teeth are destroyed. Eye and ear infections, Lyme disease. Fleas / ticks, overgrown nails. Some are limping and splayed leg due to deficiencies and being cramped in cages with wire floors. Some so scared they cower from a loving hand, of which they have never known. The vet stated they were ALL in various stages of starvation and neglect.”

Despite what all the people involved in the rescue witnessed, SPROUSE disagrees with the charges.

Not only that, but there are still a few dogs left on the property!

SPROUSE allowed reporter Joseph Payton with NewsChannel 3 to go on his property and without going on camera, he showed Payton “the kennel where the dogs were kept, their food, and their medications”, reports WSAZ.

SPROUSE says the dogs were not neglected, he won’t stand down, and will fight in court.

Ms. Desiree Flanery, Pitiful Paws Rescue Executive Director told WSAZ: “I am hoping that everything sticks and that he is held fully responsible for everything and that everything goes forward.

SPROUSE has not been arrested at this time and since all of the counts are misdemeanors, he will be issued a summons to appear in court.

Prosecutor Anderson says SPROUSE could face a maximum of 90 days in jail and a $750 fine for each count.

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