PETRA GABRIEL arrested for lighting her dog on fire

- California, USA -

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Office says that earlier this month one of their detectives was investigating an animal cruelty case involving 56-year-old PETRA GABRIEL (pictured below), and her sister.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post that the females’ dogs, Titan and Doody, got into a scuffle and the females quickly separated them.

Later, GABRIEL sprayed an accelerant on Doody, a brindle Pitbull, and lit him on fire.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote that as a result of the severe burns that Doody sustained, he will possibly lose both eyes and an ear.

The furbaby, now renamed Phoenix, has been in the care of Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation for treatment.

The Sheriff’s Office announced that a $500,000 arrest warrant for animal cruelty and arson was obtained leading to the arrest of PETRA GABRIEL.

The accused was arrested Friday, July 24.

The Sheriff’s Office concluded the Facebook post by saying:

We all love our fur babies and wish Doody well in his recovery.”

And I must add: let’s see how much the judge who will try this case loves furbabies and the sentence he/she will hand down to this worthless being!

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