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NEDIO ALANIZ JR. accused of abusing puppies, arrested on cruelty to non-livestock animals charges

- Texas, USA -

33-year-old NEDIO ALANIZ JR. (pictured below) was arrested on Sunday, August 23.

His father called McAllen Police to report a disturbance at their home on the 10700 block of North 85th Street but as it turned out, there was an arrest warrant out for him.

Back in May, a judge had signed an arrest warrant for ALANIZ after he threw three puppies over a 6-foot fence into a neighbor’s yard.

The furbabies were “newborns with their eyes still closed and umbilical cord still attached”, stated McAllen Municipal Court.

The neighbor said two of them survived and were taken to the Palm Valley Animal Shelter.

One sadly passed away.

ALANIZ’s father called the police on Sunday because he was tired of his son’s behavior and he wanted him out.

According to the father, ALANIZ had been drinking beer, smoking marijuana, and was extremely intoxicated to the point that he caused a disturbance.

Mr. Alaniz Sr. told police all his son did was to consume alcohol and spice.

When police arrived, ALANIZ JR. had already left.

The Monitor reports that officers saw him walking along a street with an open beer in his hands and more cans in his pockets.

He refused to stop and kept walking replying to officers with obscenities.

At that point, officers decided to detain ALANIZ and he struck an officer on the face and forehead with a beer can.

When officers tried to handcuff ALANIZ, he bit an officers’ finger — the same officer he hit with the beer can, and then he spat on the officer’s face.

Police then found out about the warrant for animal cruelty when they ran a search on him.

NEDIO ALANIZ JR. was charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals, resisting arrest, assault of a peace officer, harassment of a public servant and evading arrest.

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