MINDY DANSKIN issued with a Notice of Compliance and a warning following a welfare check

Updated: Feb 9

- Colorado, USA -

On Friday, February 5, El Paso County deputies were back at the house of a woman who was arrested and charged with animal cruelty in 2018!

Neighbors are outraged that 42-year-old MINDY DANSKIN (pictured below), is at it again!

Lieutenant Chris Gonzales with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office told KRDO that they have received complaints about some horses being seen malnourished.

On Friday, deputies responded to DANSKIN’s property along with a veterinarian and a rescue team in case the horses needed to be removed, reports KRDO.

Although the horses were not seized, deputies have issued DANSKIN a Notice of Compliance and a warning, but neighbors worry it’s not enough.

With that notice of compliance deputies will be back at the house regularly to check on the horses.

Deputies explained to KRDO that a veterinarian examined both horses who came up high enough on the Henneke Horse Body Condition Scoring System and could not be removed on that occasion.

Neighbors have a different view on this.

One neighbor in particular, Ms. Lanya Clinard, told KRDO she's witnessed animal abuse on DANSKIN’s part and said: “Starving, starving. I’ve seen her dragging dead horses out of her pasture using a rope around the back part of her truck. She has over 40 horsetails hanging in her house from animals that have died under her care. That’s really really disturbing, very disturbing.”

On August 8, 2018, DANSKIN had been arrested and charged with three felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and seven misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals neglect/mistreat.

As part of an investigation into criminally neglected horses, on August 8, 2018, after searching DASNKIN’s property in the 7700 block of Stockholm Grove Road near the El Paso/Douglas County line, deputies discovered seven neglected horses and three dead dogs.

Two of the furbabies were found half decayed in wired kennels which had been zip-tied shut.

There was no food or water for the poor souls.

The other furbaby was found stuffed in a feed bag.

The horses were taken to a nearby boarding facility to receive medical treatment while the bodies of the furbabies were sent to a lab to perform a necropsy.

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KKTV – August 9, 2018

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