MELISSA C. THORNTON arrested for throwing a cat from a 17th story balcony

- Ohio, USA -

UPDATE: June 8, 2021

NBC4 reports that THORNTON was sentenced on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, after pleading guilty to cruelty against companion animals.

She could have spent one year behind bars if she had been given the maximum sentence but she was lucky she was sentenced by a Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas judge who thinks that animal cruelty is a joke!

Animal activists, who named the furbaby Blackie, and neighbors spoke at THORNTON’s sentencing, requesting that the judge send her to prison for a year.

However, THORNTON was sentenced to spend weekends in jail for two months.

The disgraceful judge said THORNTON must report to the Euclid City Jail from 7 p.m. on Friday to 7 p.m. on Sunday.

The evil female was also sentenced to 18 months probation and 100 hours of community service.

One of the animal activists present in court rightfully pointed out to the judge that animal cruelty is linked to other crimes, including violence against humans.

As she was addressing her statement to the judge, she was interrupted by the pathetic defense attorney who said his client, THORNTON, was dealing with a lot of stress about her mother’s long battle with cancer.

The defense attorney had the audacity to compare the incident to the helmet attack involving Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett and told the judge: “She likes animals. This was a moment of passion, a big mistake, a moment of passion that got out of control. I’m sure all of you people know Browns player Myles Garrett. Isn’t that interesting? He swung the helmet at the guy in a moment of passion. Guess who leads the puppy rescue for the Cleveland Browns? Myles Garrett.”

THORNTON told the judge: “I really apologize for what I did that day. I wish I could just take it all back.”

And the disgraceful judge clearly bought it!


~ Original story:

Euclid Police Department say that 24-year-old MELISSA C. THORNTON (pictured below), on Sunday, August 11, threw a cat from a 17th story balcony.

THORNTON and her roommate were involved in domestic dispute and police were called.

Officers responded to Harbor Crest Apartments in the 24400 block of Lakeshore Boulevard near East 246th Street in the late evening and learned that the two subjects’ argument turned into a physical scruff.

THORNTON picked up a bicycle and threw it out of the balcony.

She then picked up the defenseless furbaby and threw him.

Police found the cat critically injured.

The furbaby was foaming from the tiny mouth, his paws were bleeding, and could not stand.

He was in obvious distress and whimpering.

The cat’s back near the tail was deformed

Police made the decision to euthanize the innocent soul.

THORNTON was arrested for a felony charge of cruelty to animals and appeared before Euclid Municipal Court Judge Patrick Gallagher who set her bond at $5,000.

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