LARRY COLON paid fake vet, FRANKIE HUERTAS-RIVERA, to perform a caesarean section on his dog

Updated: Feb 18

- Florida, USA -

A horrific video was callously recorded and posted on Tik Tok showing a fake veterinarian performing a caesarean section on a pregnant dog, a French Bulldog named Lyla.

The video put behind bars the dog’s guardian, 50-year-old LARRY COLON, and the fake vet, 33-year-old FRANKIE HUERTAS-RIVERA (both pictured below).

The illegal procedure took place on February 9, in the living room of COLON’s Clermont home in the 16000 block of Sunrise Vista Drive.

Lyla had not been properly sedated and was half awake during the damn procedure which resulted in her senseless death!

As reported by WESH, in the video, Lyla can be seen shaking and squirming in pain while the surgery is being performed.

After the procedure, Lyla was taken to a REAL veterinary’s office in Davenport.

Daily Commercial reports that according to the arrest affidavit, COLON told the vet: “surgery was performed at their house by a friend of a friend that is unlicensed and they were trying to save money and knew it was not what should have been done.”

The vet then explained to investigators that Lyla had been brought into the office after the surgery but was dead on arrival and she had two dead unborn puppies inside of her.

Ricci May, DVM, of St. Charles Veterinarian Hospital, concluded that the incident caused “unjust cruelty and suffering due to unethical medical services performed”, reports Daily Commercial.

According to the vet, Lyla’s cause of death was likely “septic shock secondary to contamination and additional fetid left in the uterus due to non-sterile surgery performed by unlicensed individual with medical care and diagnostics that do not meet minimum requirements to be safe for the patient.”

COLON was urged by the doctor to have the surviving puppies examined by a vet immediately, but when he was questioned by investigators the following day, the puppies had not been examined by a vet.

Investigators said COLON’s 15-year-old daughter recorded the video and there were multiple juveniles present while the horrifying scenario was unfolding.

WESH reports that according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, COLON was trying to save money and hired HUERTAS-RIVERA to do it agreeing to pay him $650 cash.

According to WESH, COLON told deputies HUERTAS-RIVERA said he was a veterinarian.

HUERTAS-RIVERA was arrested in Hernando County for animal cruelty and practicing without a license.

COLON was also arrested on an animal cruelty charge in Lake County.

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