KENNETH WAYNE EDDINS arrested after many cats and dogs were found in deplorable conditions

- Tennessee, USA -

The Giles County Sheriff Department arrested 70-year-old KENNETH WAYNE EDDINS (pictured below), after executing a search warrant on a property on Factory Creek Road in Ethridge.

The search warrant was executed on February 25, following an anonymous tip about animal abuse.

The GCSD were assisted by the Nashville Humane Association and Lucky’s Cat House.

Officials discovered numerous cats and nearly a dozen dogs who were being kept in disgraceful conditions.

WKRN reports that Laura Baker with the Nashville Humane Association said: “Conditions were rusty kennels on a dirty porch. The person inside seemed to be a hoarder. There were pathways where humans could walk, but it wasn’t a place for animals to live. There were some animals kept in rabbit hutches, which are raised carriers, and then others were outside in kennels. None of them were legal requirements. There was no food; there was no water, lots of feces, a lot.”

All the furbabies were taken for rehabilitation and to be rehomed.

As reported by WKRN, the Nashville Humane Society said it will be a long road to recovery for all of them and the organization will post an update when these sweet angels are ready to be fostered and adopted.

EDDINS was charged with aggravated animal cruelty and cruelty to animals.

Ms. Baker told WKRN: “A lot of times we will see them serve a search warrant, arrest somebody, but not even think ‘oh my gosh there are animals, what’s going to happen.’ So, I think it’s a new encouraging trend that sheriff’s departments are starting to look at the animals as a whole as part of the case.”

EDDINS was released the same day of his arrest.

According to online records, EDDINS has a morning court appearance on April 6, 2021.

Investigators say this is an ongoing investigation.

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