KARL GARCIA and son LOGAN GARCIA senselessly and cowardly murdered a defenseless cat

- Nevada, USA -

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said that on the evening of April 14, they received reports of shots fired at 8841 Saxon Canyon Street in the far north part of the valley.

Responding officers learned a cat had been killed and talked with 42-year-old KARL GARCIA and his son 24-year-old LOGAN GARCIA (both pictured).

Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the furbaby was found wearing his collar and a review of the microchip showed his name was Taco.

The father told police the cat attacked one of his dogs and would not leave his yard.

The truth however, came to light after officers reviewed video from the home’s backyard camera.

The devasting and horrific footage showed that both father and son along with their three dogs cornered the defenseless cat.

Taco was then hit several times with a bat.

The SENSELESS cruelty did not end there.

After being beaten, Taco was also shot with a BB gun, and then with a .22 caliber gun.

It took two adults and three dogs to end the precious life of an innocent cat who could not call 911 for help.

As reported by Las Vegas Review-Journal, the baseball bat was found with blood on it.

Taco had multiple injuries on his back, his tiny mouth, on his side, and on his small head.

According to Daily USA News, officers reported that Taco was NOT a threat and that if the GARCIAS and the family dogs had gone inside, the cat most likely would have left.

After being murdered, the furbaby was left in a dumpster near the home.

The filthy murderers were arrested on Thursday, April 15, and then released without bail.

Police charged LOGAN GARCIA with a felony count of willful/malicious torture or killing of a cat/animal and a gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to kill/maim/disfigure/poison an animal of another and destroy/concealing evidence.

KARL GARCIA was arrested on felony charges of willful/malicious torture or killing of a cat/animal, five counts of discharging a gun where others might be endangered, conspiracy to kill/maim/disfigure/poison animal of another, and destroy/conceal evidence.

These worthless individuals are scheduled to be back in court May 17.

KARL GARCIA is the operator of the fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A on 1720 W Craig Road in North Las Vegas.

According to his LinkedIn page, he had been operating the restaurant since January 2020 and previously worked for Amazon after leaving the U.S. Naval Academy.

Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Justice Court records state KARL GARCIA had a prior conviction for domestic violence in 2008 and was sentenced to community service.

Please, do not let your furbabies out of your sight, not even for a second.

Not everyone out there is a decent human being and do not let your “nice neighborhood” fool you. Evil travels!

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