JUSTIN COLIN YOUNG-DUNCAN wanted for starving a dog to death and emaciating two others is in custody

Updated: Feb 9

- Michigan, USA -

The male wanted by the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office, responsible for the death of an innocent dog, and the emaciation and starvation of two others, is FINALLY IN CUSTODY!

The name of the evil subject was released for the first time on February 3, during Sheriff Christopher Swanson’s weekly press briefing.

Tri-County Times reports that on February 3, authorities were still searching for 33-year-old JUSTIN COLIN YOUNG-DUNCAN (pictured below).

On February 4, in a video posted on the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Sheriff Swanson happily announced that YOUNG-DUNCAN had been arrested.

The male was arrested in Washtenaw County and is being extradited to Genesee County.

On December 30, a landlord went to the house he was renting out because the person living there was not paying rent. The landlord intended to evict the tenant.

Once inside the home, the homeowner noticed there was no heat, and as reported by Tri-County Times, Sheriff Swanson said: “They saw a tragic scene.”

Three dogs, ranging in age from 1-3 years-old, who had been abandoned were discovered inside.

Sadly, one dog was found lifeless.

A second had almost starved to death, and the third one was in a better shape.

Sheriff Swanson said there was no food or water for the poor souls.

On a shelf there was a bag of dog food but the furbabies could not reach it.

A necropsy was performed on the deceased dog and results revealed that the sweet angel had not eaten for 60 to 90 days.

Tri-County Times reports that Sheriff Swanson would not show the disturbing picture of the dog.

We can only imagine what the furbaby looked like and we all know that YOUNG-DUNCAN will NOT look like that when he leaves jail because thanks to taxpayers’ money he will be fed and very well taken care of!

The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office had been investigating this horrifying case of animal torture and abuse, and prosecutors authorized a four-count felony warrant for the tenant’s arrest.

One piece of good news is that the two dogs who were rescued have been rehabilitated and are available for adoption.

As reported by Tri-County Times, YOUNG-DUNCAN is facing three, four-year felonies of animal torture/killing, each in the third-degree, and one count of animal abandonment and cruelty, which is a one-year felony.

Sheriff Swanson said: “If you have people who don’t have any regard for animals, and that would beat, and torture, and kill an animal, then it is not uncommon for them to see another human being that doesn’t matter.”

Voice For Us believes that those who are accused of not caring for their animals should know hunger and thirst for the whole time they rightfully serve in prison!!!

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