JOY CAROLYN JACKSON arrested for animal cruelty following a complaint about an intoxicated driver

- Texas, USA -

On Saturday evening, August 22, Iowa Park Police received a call about a possible intoxicated driver.

Officers responded to South Colorado Street where they found a blue pickup truck.

They then called for first responders to check on the condition of the driver, identified as 61-year-old JOY CAROLYN JACKSON (pictured below).

Times Record News reports that on the floorboard of the passenger side there was a backpack and something inside was moving.

Then through a rip in the bag, an animal’s nose stuck out.

Once officers unzipped the bag, they found a small white dog who was panting heavily and struggled to stand.

The poor furbaby had gone potty in the bag.

According to the police report, the outside temperature was 97 degrees and the truck did not have air conditioning.

JACKSON was arrested and charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals.

Some of you are probably saying this face looks familiar or the name rings a bell, that’s because JACKSON is a repeat offender!

The female was arrested in October 2019 after authorities found several caged animals living in cruel conditions in her home in the 3700 block FM 368 southwest of Iowa Park (last picture).

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