JOSHUA SHANE BLEVINS arrested after dog found severely malnourished and dehydrated

- Kentucky, USA -

On the early afternoon of Sunday, May 16, the Bell County Sheriff’s Department received a call from a landlord who was having an issue with a tenant and Deputy Adam Southern responded to investigate.

Deputy Southern responded to a residence on Rae May Road in Pineville and learned from the landlord that he entered the property after he had evicted his tenant identified as 34-year-old JOSHUA SHANE BLEVINS (pictured below).

The landlord told the deputy that once he was inside the property, he was met with an overwhelming odor of ammonia and feces.

Inside the living room there was a dog barking who was barricaded off by furniture.

According to a press release by the sheriff’s department, “The Deputy found a German Shepherd hiding in a corner severely malnourished and dehydrated. The dog was urinating on himself and then would lick it off the floor due to being so dehydrated.”

The poor furbaby also had an extreme case of the mange.

Deputy Southern reported the floor was covered with feces and urine without any place for the dog to walk without stepping in it.

Sadly, the innocent soul will have to be euthanized due to the nature of his injuries caused by the extreme living conditions.

The sheriff’s department said that BLEVINS showed up during the investigation and was immediately taken into custody.

This filthy and worthless subhuman was lodged into the Bell County Detention Center and charged with torture dog/cat with serious physical injury or death.

Not feeding the animal you chose to bring into your life is TORTURE!

JOSHUA SHANE BLEVINS will eat and drink in jail thanks to taxpayers’ money.

He will not leave jail emaciated!

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