JONATHAN ANTHONY SANCHEZ arrested after he was seen in two videos cowardly abusing two dogs

- Texas, USA -

The Primera Police Department said in a press release that on March 15, they received a report of a possible cruelty to animal case.

Through an investigation the Department obtained two surveillance videos which show a male beating two dogs.

Police identified the male as 20-year-old JONATHAN ANTHONY SANCHEZ (pictured below).

In one video SANCHEZ can be seen punching a dog several times.

A different video shows SANCHEZ swinging another dog by the leash.

SANCHEZ then proceeds to throw the defenseless dog over a table.

Police said they secured two arrest warrants for SANCHEZ based on the evidence collected.

The monster turned himself into the Primera Police Department on Friday, March 19.

This filthy coward is now facing two counts of third-degree felony cruelty to non-livestock animal.

Justice of the Peace Jaimez set a total bond of $60,000.

SANCHEZ was transported to the Hidalgo County Jail.

According to the press release, with the assistance of the Cameron County District attorney’s office, investigators obtained a seizure warrant ordering the seizure of the two furbabies senselessly and cruelly abused by SANCHEZ.

Police said the dogs will be evaluated by a local veterinarian and held at the Primera animal shelter until a hearing will determine if the dogs are to be returned to SANCHEZ.

I implore you to contact District Attorney Luis V. Saenz to make sure that those innocent souls are not returned to the sick and abusive individual.

Let’s call the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office at (956) - 544 - 0849 and let’s say the things those dogs would say if they could talk: “Don’t let me go back!” Thank you!

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