JOHN MICHAEL WIMMER pleads guilty to felony animal cruelty

- West Virginia, USA -

WARNING! The content of the story may be too hard to read for some of you!

On Thursday, August 27, in Mercer County Circuit Court, 26-year-old JOHN MICHAEL WIMMER (pictured below), faced judge William Sadler for a plea hearing.

WIMMER pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty and fleeing with reckless indifference.

On January 9, WIMMER and his cousin, 32-year-old JUSTIN MCKINLEY MITCHELSON (pictured below), were arrested after a witness saw a man beating a puppy with a stick and another man was watching.

The incident happened outside the Kinzer Apartments, a few feet from Bluewell Elementary School.

The witness was a woman who was there to pick up her children from school.

She called 911 and gave a description of the two monsters.

Bluefield Police Department responded.

MITCHELSON told police that his 8-week-old puppy was sick from ingesting Lysol cleaning spray, and suffering.

Court documents stated that WIMMER put the furbaby, named Athena, on a piece of firewood and beat her to death with a large stick.

MITHCELSON stood there and watched his dog getting mercilessly killed.

WIMMER stated he carried Athena to the log and then hit her.

He said her back legs started quivering so he struck her again, and when her legs quivered even more, he hit her until she died.

Authorities later found the lifeless body of the innocent puppy.

Anthony Heltzel, Assistant Prosecutor for Mercer County said: “They beat this animal to death, execution style, on a log. Then they tossed the puppy on the side of the hill.”

Chief Deputy, Captain Joe Parks, said Mercer County animal control officers took the puppy to Blacksburg, for examinations.

A Virginia Tech veterinarian examined the puppy and said while she had pneumonia and a worms problem, she had not consumed anything toxic like Lysol.

Senior Trooper David Whited was a witness in the trial.

He said MITCHELSON did not attempt to seek medical attention for the puppy before she was beaten to death.

WIMMER will be back in court on September 28, for sentencing.

He is being held at the Southern Regional Jail.

MITCHELSON failed to appear for a court date after he was indicted by the grand jury.

There is an outstanding warrant for his arrest, and he will be held without bond once he is apprehended.

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