JEFFREY HULCOMBE accused of using metal-jaw traps to catch cats will not be going to jail

- Australia -

Here is another case where the judge had the power to give justice to the victim but chose to side with the offender instead!

On three different occasions, JEFFREY HULCOMBE (pictured below), had placed metal traps in a hollow under his front gate to catch defenseless cats, and judge MEREDITH DAY HUNTINGFORD (pictured below), did not hand down prison time!

On July 26, 2020, the first cat trapped was Woody.

Neighbors who learned what happened asked HULCOMBE to release Woody.

The furbaby was unable to walk due to her injured leg.

She was taken to a vet to be treated and thankfully made a full recovery.

On August 8, 2020, HULCOMBE set another damn trap.

As a result, an innocent cat ended up breaking the front right paw and foreleg.

The furbaby was later released but was sadly euthanized due to the injuries he/she sustained.

On August 9, 2020, HULCOMBE placed a third trap that victimized a cat named Ziggy.

This heartless and soulless individual saw Ziggy helplessly trapped and dragged the trap back from the gate, attached the chain to the front of a trailer and left him there, reports ABC.

“The result was that Ziggy was upside down with his left leg in the trap, which was suspended above his head off the ground.”

According to ABC, Ziggy was eventually released back to his guardian and was taken to the vet.

On November 25, 2020 HULCOMBE appeared at Alice Springs Local Court to face eight charges, including committing an act of cruelty on an animal, aggravated cruelty to animals, animal traps, and action in respect of injury to animal.

He was served a notice to appear before the Local Court in December.

A few days ago, JEFFREY HULCOMBE faced judge MEREDITH DAY HUNTINGFORD for sentencing.

ABC reports that in sentencing, judge HUNTINGFORD described the criminal’s actions as “callous and inhumane.”

But, she also noted “several character references for Hulcombe, that he had no previous criminal history, and accepted he was otherwise of good character and highly respected in the community.”

Judge HUNTINGFORD said that given the seriousness of HULCOMBE’s behavior, a conviction would be necessary “which should be denounced and to emphasize deterrence.”

However, this criminal will not be spending time behind bars because judge HUNTINGFORD has gifted him with only a $4,200 fine, including victims' levies.

He was ordered to pay restitution to the cats' guardians and to forfeit the traps.

The life of the cat who died did not matter to HULCOMBE and most definitely did not matter to the only person who was supposed to give them justice!

You don’t have to love animals, but at least DO NOT HURT THEM!!!

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