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Unusual driver

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

- Santa Cruz County, California, USA -

How many of us have caught our children in our car playing grown-ups pretending to drive? How many of us have caught our dog driving for real?

Mrs. and Mr. Janie and Jim Black left their dog Duke in their Mercedes with his leash on. Somehow the leash tangled up around the gearshift pulling the car into neutral.

Duke was free to ride! He did! He smashed into a retaining wall knocking down some trash cans, and a mail box in the process. This happened on August 31, in Aptos.

As funny as it might sound for some, the good news is that Duke was not hurt.

If there had been people around or children playing, I would probably be writing something different today.

Please do not leave your furbabies unsupervised.

Oops, Duke what have you done?

Duke drives a Mercedes

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