JAMES ARTHUR MARTIN JR. arrested for strangling neighbor’s cat

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

- Florida, USA -

Authorities have arrested 41-year-old JAMES ARTHUR MARTIN JR. (pictured below), after he strangled his neighbor’s cat.

Pensacola News Journal reports that on December 18, MARTIN was walking his dog along Fairfield Drive when a woman who had just come out of her home witnessed MARTIN strangling her cat and trying to get his dog to bite the furbaby.

The arrest report states that the woman was yelling things like “You are killing my cat” and “ Drop my cat.”

Reportedly, MARTIN then threw the cat into the bushes and told the woman that her cat had scratched him.

The furbaby became unresponsive, had difficulty breathing and defecated on himself/herself.

MARTIN told the neighbor he was going to get a shovel to bury the cat.

When MARTIN was questioned by an Escambia County Sheriff deputy, he gave multiple versions of the incident claiming he often has “blackout stages” and did not remember what happened.

According to one of his statements, the cat had attacked his dog, then claimed the cat attacked him.

He then stated the dog went after the cat and he tried to get to the cat before his dog.

Ultimately MARTIN said he must have blacked out during the incident.

MARTIN had scratches on his right arm, hands and chin following the interaction.

According to Pensacola News Journal, by the end of the investigation, the cat had become more responsive and the guardian took him/her to the veterinarian.

MARTIN was arrested on one count of a third-degree felony for animal cruelty.

Escambia County Jail records say that his bond was set at $2,500, and he remained in custody as of Thursday, December 24.

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