JACOB TYLER TOMLINSON shot and killed the family dog – Authorities call it illegal euthanasia

Updated: Jun 27

- Florida, USA -

A despicable individual that I am sure will bring dishonor to his uniform, decided to play God in a heartbreaking case.

The individual in question is 35-years-old JACOB TYLER TOMLINSON, usually at this point I would say “(pictured)”, but because he is a firefighter, his mugshot is exempt from being made public!

TOMLINSON is accused of "unlawfully euthanizing the family dog" and is now facing criminal charges.

The reality is that TOMLINSON murdered the family dog!

Investigators said the crime took place on Monday, June 20, in the backyard of TOMLINSON’s father, Fred Tomlinson, in Mandarin neighborhood in Jacksonville.

TOMLINSON "euthanized" the dog by shooting him/her multiple times.

News4Jax spoke with the neighbor who called the police and wishes to remain anonymous.

The neighbor said she was in her bedroom when she heard the gunshots and told News4Jax: “I heard three loud pops. I came outside, and that’s when I heard a fourth pop.”

She then added: “At that point, my dad came outside and talked with the neighbor who owned the house, and he said everything was fine.”

After that, she went into the kitchen to get a better look. She said: “I saw this white and brown spotted pit bull struggling to stand up. It almost looked like it was playing, but then he laid down and started violently twitching.” According to the neighbor, TOMLINSON was standing right there watching the dog suffering in pain. He then walked away and the neighbor said: “That’s when I started recording, and the dog was just sitting there violently twitching, and I could see blood pouring out of its chest.”

The neighbor filmed TOMLINSON digging a hole in the ground and investigators said he buried the dog in that hole. The arrest report revealed an additional horrifying detail, stating that the furbaby may still have been alive when he/she was buried.

TOMLINSON told deputies he shot and killed the dog because he/she had been acting aggressively for the past year and had bitten four people, including his neighbor earlier in the day after getting out of the backyard.

TOMLINSON also said he spent a lot of money on dog training.

Duval County Animal Control was notified and Ms. Esther Cleaver, an animal control investigator for the city of Jacksonville, investigated the incident.

She concluded that “the suspect acted inhumanely when executing his animal” and requested the charge to be enhanced to a felony.

She advised that “the fact the animal was moved from the original scene where it bit someone and was shot 4 separate times with bird shot shotguns rounds, points to an inhumane and unnecessary suffering towards the dog.”

In addition, "she provided an additional statue (828 054), for the illegal euthanasia of the dog." Investigator Cleaver took custody of the dog's body for a necropsy.

TOMLINSON was arrested on June 22, and charged with charged with aggravated animal cruelty, unlawful euthanasia, and unlawfully discharging a firearm. He was released the same day.

News4Jax reports that a spokesperson for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department said that when personnel are facing legal troubles, they are placed on administrative desk duty while the case is under investigation.

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