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Investigation underway after a cow and a horse were shot in Davidson County

- North Carolina, USA -

~ Update: November 20, 2023

After hearing back from the Davidson County Sheriff's Office, this is what I learned: “…we are investigating both incidents at this time. We know that the cow incident is an intentional matter and is being investigated as such. The horse matter, we don’t know what caused this. The horse is still living, but the cow is not. We are doing our best to investigate to find the suspect(s) in the intentional shooting of this poor animal. I don’t think we know what happened to the horse. At this time we aren’t releasing any information on the victim in this matter.”

~ Original story:

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is reaching out to the public for information that can lead to the criminal conviction of the person(s) responsible for shooting a cow and a horse.

In a media release, the sheriff’s office said that on November 5-6, 2023, deputies launched an animal cruelty investigation after a horse was found shot in the face, specifically in the nasal cavity, in the area of Wildlife Road in Lexington.

A week later, deputies launched a second investigation after on November 12, 2023, a cow had been shot twice in the shoulder area in the Turner Road area in Lexington.

Evidence gathered during the investigations, including veterinary documentation and interviews, indicated that the Voiceless Victims had possibly been shot with Black Powder Shot. The good news is that the innocent souls survived the shootings and are currently going through medical treatment.

As stated in the release, “there are no documented suspects or witnesses at this time” and the victims cannot tell us who is the evil individual who did this.

So, they rely on us to speak up, give them justice, and punish the monster(s).

If you have any information about this case, please, come forward and contact Deputy C. Soles at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division at (336) - 242 - 2105. Thank you!

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
21 de nov. de 2023

Cruel cowardly idiots with guns! Animals deserve so much better. This ass must be found & punished, or there will be more innocent blood spilled. RIP INNOCENT SOUL. PLEASE GET BETTER HORSE.

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