HANNAH M. CARR and KAYLA JANELL BARNUM arrested after they starved one of their dogs to death

- Nevada, USA -

A newly married couple have started their future facing animal cruelty charges after one of their dogs died of starvation.

The furbaby, a 4-year-old named Cash, was found in the couple’s apartment, in a crate.

Ms. Natalie Hicks is the manager of their apartment complex Stax Studios in the 500 block of 10th Street.

On the morning of Friday, December 18, she had entered the unit after previously posting that fire extinguishers would be inspected.

That’s when Ms. Hicks discovered Cash lifeless in the crate and alerted Las Vegas Animal Control.

Cash was “very underweight.”

His ribs, backbone, and pelvic bones were visible from a distance.

Animal control officers determined that Cash was severely underweight, with “no discernable body fat and an obvious loss of muscle mass.”

There was another dog in the apartment, a Border Collie named Venus who was removed.

The apartment and two dog crates were littered with “a large amount” of feces and urine.

Las Vegas Metro Police Department were called in.

The newlyweds, 21-year-old HANNAH M. CARR and 21-year-old KAYLA JANELL BARNUM (both pictured below), arrived at the apartment just as officers who had obtained a warrant, were removing the dogs and gathering evidence

Reportedly, CARR and BARNUM were married on December 12, but had been living with BARNUM’s mother since just before Thanksgiving, visiting the dogs every few days.

CARR told police Cash was her mother’s but she took him when she left home.

Clearly, CARR forgot her responsibilities toward the choice she made!!!

CARR and BARNUM told officers that they had been feeding the dogs and letting them out, but that Cash had started to lose weight before Thanksgiving.

The also said that they had a telephone consultation with a veterinarian over Cash, and they were advised to feed him more often at different times.

An investigation revealed just how full of crap these selfish females are!

In fact, according to hospital records, Cash and Venus had last been to a veterinarian checkup in late 2019, and since then, he had lost more than half the dog’s body weight.

When Cash died, he was only 38.3 pounds. He was taken to an animal hospital for a necropsy.

LVMPD Detective Robert Sigal said: “This type of drastic weight loss would not have occurred in a matter of days, but would have taken weeks to months to occur. Starving to death is immensely painful as the body craves nourishment. They body uses all fat reserves and muscles to attempt to stay alive. This process can be slow and agonizing.”

It was determined that Cash and Venus were kept in inhumane conditions, locked in a crate and forced to live in their own waste and only given food and water every few days.

HANNAH M. CARR and KAYLA JANELL BARNUM were arrested for willful and malicious torture and killing of animals.

These two filthy murderers were booked at the Clark County Detention Center.

I feel compelled to appeal to Nevada to keep the pressure on this case!

Just a few days ago I posted an update on a similar case, ESMERALDA MARTINEZ and BLANCA PEREZ who starved to death their puppies Ace and Athena while they went away to Florida.


I wrote to JUDGE BLUTH to let her know that I intend to request the review of the sentence.

Please, help me fight this and let’s not let Ace, Athena, Cash, and many other innocent furbabies have died in vain!!!!

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