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HAI SON NGUYEN and ex-tenant charged for the death of a dog left tethered outside in heat

- Georgia, USA -


The Lilburn Police Department arrested 55-year-old HAI SON NGUYEN (pictured via WSB-TV).


NGUYEN was arrested on June 26, 2024, for the death of a Border Collie who was left tied up outside for several days without food, water, or shelter.


According to the arrest reports obtained by Voice For Us, the furvictim was found on a backyard patio “tethered to a porch railing with no food, water or shelter from the heat.”


NGUYEN told police that the dog was not his and that the guardian is a former tenant who left leaving the dog behind.


In an interview with Channel 2, NGUYEN said that the former tenant was renting the in-law suite attached to the home and then left without paying the rent he owed.


NGUYEN claimed he was not aware that the dog had been abandoned. Police said the poor soul was exposed to extremely high temperatures for nearly a week before dying.


NGUYEN said he was bringing food to the dog and found him/her lifeless on Saturday, June 22. He called Animal Control the next day.


Police did not disclose the identity of the former tenant and at the time of writing, he has yet to turn himself in. He is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

Lilburn Police Captain Scott Bennett tells me that “…the arrest warrant is in the hands of the Gwinnett Co. Sheriffs Fugitive Unit. They’ll let us know when they pick him up.”


NGUYEN was booked into the Gwinnett County Jail on felony animal cruelty charges. He was released after posting bond and said he hopes his charges are dropped once the case goes to court.


Captain Bennett rightfully told Channel 2: “Both the landlord and the tenant bear some responsibility for the dog’s welfare.” He added: “The dog was left outside for five to six days and the temperatures have been extremely high. Just show common decency.”


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Voice For Us Disclaimer: This story is sourced from WSB-TV. Link included.

Please note that details may be removed or new information added should updates become available.

In the case of charges being dropped, dismissed, or the case being purged, this article will be rectified accordingly, if official documentation is provided to Voice For Us.



NGUYEN’s mugshot shared from WSB-TV

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
Jun 29

I have been blessed with four Border Collies throughout my life. They are wonderful beautiful souls who are so loyal & extremely intelligent. They have very thick coats & due to the heat here in Texas we have always shaved them leaving their long beautiful coats only in our very short winters. And putting them on a chain is savage. I truly can’t fathom how anyone can just watch any dog languish for days in the heat without water or food. Rest now Mochi, you were failed but now you run free.

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