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GABRIEL MOORE accused of intentionally burning and raping his dog

- Nebraska, USA -


⚠️WARNING⚠️The article contains pictures some of you may find distressing⚠️


On August 9, 2023, the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) was called to the City View Apartments in Omaha to check on the well-being of a dog.


The dog’s guardian, 35-year-old GABRIEL MOORE (pictured), had recently been arrested and it was reported that no one was there to care for the dog.


Officials made contact with MOORE at the Douglas County Department of Corrections and he gave NHS permission to check on the dog and asked that the dog be euthanized.


An officer with the NHS then went to MOORE’s apartment and found a female Labrador mix.

The officer noted that the dog had skin condition and several areas were missing fur.

The officer took the Voiceless Victim to the NHS where she was evaluated by medical staff.

Veterinarians identified what appeared to be 2nd degree burns in various stages of healing and explained that the burns were consistent with “thermal burns.”


The dog also had injuries consistent with her ears and tail being “repeatedly grabbed and pulled with force.”


Veterinarians took skin swabs of the burns and, because of MOORE’s recent arrest on suspicion of sexual assault, they also collected a vaginal swab from the dog.


The samples from the burns detected the presence of hydroquinone. A search warrant executed at MOORE’s apartment led to the discovery of multiple aerosol cans, cigarette lighters, and butane torches.


Human male DNA was present in the vaginal swab, indicating that the defenseless soul was raped while in MOORE’s care.


The NHS requested an arrest warrant for Animal Abuse a felony; the Douglas County Attorney's Office also charged MOORE with Indecency With an Animal a misdemeanor.

The intentional cruelty charge carries up to three years in prison with no mandatory minimum. Indecency with an animal charge carries a maximum of three months in jail and a $500 fine, a f_ _ king joke!


MOORE is currently being held on a $150,000 bond.


I learned from the Douglas County Attorney’s Office that the dog, whom they referred to as Preacher, “is doing great! ……she made a full recovery and was adopted out to someone else.”

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Voice For Us Disclaimer: This story is sourced from information provided to Voice For Us by the Nebraska Humane Society. Please note that details may be removed or new information added should updates become available.

In the case of charges being dropped, dismissed, or the case being purged, this article will be rectified accordingly, if official documentation is provided to Voice For Us.



MOORE’s mugshot shared from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon

I thought I had heard the worst of humanity but now this effing waste of oxygen Gabriel Moore is essentially the most dangerous sick twisted monster alive. This poor innocent soul Preacher, endured the most heinous torture from this PIECE OF SHIT Moore! I pray this effing turd get his just rewards in jail, he must NOT be let out. EVER! Bless you baby girl. I’m so sorry you endured such pain.

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