Four people broke into a zoo to feed the animals thinking they had been abandoned and were arrested

- Thailand -

On Thursday, April 23, Chalong police arrested four people who broke into Phuket Zoo in Chalong, to feed tigers, elephants, and monkeys thinking they had been abandoned due to COVID-19.

The four people arrested who broke into the zoo on April 14, are: Minh Nguyen (pictured), an Australian man, Joy Marie Somers, an American lady, and two Thai men, Hassen Coltcah and Hussen Armad.

Reportedly, the group climbed over the perimeter wall of the zoo and once inside, they filmed videos of crocodiles, tigers, and the conditions of the animals in the zoo were living in.

No fresh water, no food, and trapped in filthy cages.

They then posted the 3-part video with their narration on YouTube.

They even created a Go Fund Me page to raise money to feed the animals and they raised a whopping $45,000.

They went back the following day with car trunks full of food and water.

Ms. Joy Marie Somers and Mr. Minh Nguyen also posted a video to address the vandalism that happened outside the zoo.

They sent a clear message that they are not trying to give the zoo or the owner a bad publicity, and they don’t condone nor support the act of vandalism that took place outside the zoo.

Their intent is simply to make sure that the animals are fed and well taken cared of.

From the videos that I have watched, it seems that those animals need IMMEDIATE HELP!

They need to be out of that hell someone is generously calling “zoo!!!”

Following the posting of the video, the owner of Phuket Zoo, 40-year-old Suriya Tanthaweewong, filed a complaint with Phuket police.

He told police that the zoo was not seeking donations and “the animals were not left to starve”.

On Friday, April 14, Phuket Wildlife officials inspected the zoo and reported that “the zoo had enough food to feed the animals and that the animals were in “perfect condition”.

They also promised to provide more food to ensure the welfare of the animals.

All four suspects were charged with trespassing on private property and breaching Thailand's Computer Crimes Act.

All four denied the charges and their lawyer, Cherdchai Wongseree, maintains that the whole matter is “a misunderstanding”.

Violating the Computer Crimes Act carries a maximum jail term of up to 5 years and/or fine of 100,000 baht ($3, 078.00) and trespassing a maximum penalty of 5 years in jail and/or fine of 10,000 baht ($307.88).

Video part 1

Video part 2

Video part 3



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