DAVID PANCAROWICZ turned himself in after animals on his farm were found in deplorable conditions

- Rhode Island, USA -

Coventry Police wrote in a Facebook post that on January 13, along with Animal Control Officers, the RISPCA, and members of the State Of Rhode Island Veterinarians Office, executed a search warrant at a property on Twin Brook Lane in Coventry.

Officials discovered many animals who were being kept in deplorable conditions and had no access to adequate food or water.

Some of the animals were found underweight.

Animal control removed from the farm:

5 Cows ( 2 of them were calves)

4 Goats

1 Donkey

1 Piglet

1 Sheep

On January 14, 61-year-old DAVID PANCAROWICZ (pictured below), turned himself into the Coventry Police.

PANCAROWICZ, of Warwick, was charged with ten counts of cruelty to animals and ten counts of mistreatment of animals.

Police advised that PANCAROWICZ will be formally arraigned in Kent County District Court within the upcoming months.

All the animals seized from the property are currently being held in foster care until the case is resolved.

Police say that at this time, there does not appear to be any connection with the Chihuahua found in a cooler bag on January 11, on Centre of New England Boulevard.

The Coventry Police Department is still actively seeking tips in this case.

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