DAMIEN TERRELL WILSON charged with forty-seven counts of animal cruelty in dogfighting ring

- Maryland, USA -

The St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney’s Office announced that on August 12, they charged 48-years-old DAMIEN TERRELL WILSON (pictured below) with forty-seven counts of animal cruelty.

According to a news release, “on February 10, 2021, St. Mary’s County deputies were tipped off to the location of a suspected dogfighting arena located on a SMECO power line cut-through.”

Deputies along with animal control responded to the location and discovered eleven dogs and numerous items of paraphernalia associated with dogfighting.

The furbabies were removed and subjected to behavioral evaluations.

Sadly, three of them were found to be so overtly aggressive that rehabilitation was deemed too dangerous, and they were euthanized.

WILSON, of Virginia, is scheduled for an initial appearance in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court on September 29.

Assistant State’s Attorney Laura Caspar has been assigned to prosecute the case.

My heart breaks at the thought of those poor dogs who were euthanized.

They deserved to live happily in a loving home. They did not choose to fight; they were taught to fight and be aggressive against their own will and for this, they deemed overtly aggressive.

I loathe those who use innocent animals for fights.

Those who participate in these despicable activities, both organizers and spectators, are heartless and soulless individuals who make bloody and dishonest money at the expense of precious lives!!!

On a separate note, The Bay Net reports that WILSON was arrested on March 13, 2021, on warrants for:

11 counts of Possession/Train for Dog Fight; Animal Cruelty

11 counts of Restrain Dog/Limit Movement

11 counts of Restrain Dog-Water/Shelter

4 counts of Restrain Dog-Cause Injury

3 counts of Possession/Dog Fight Implement

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