CRISTAN TEJEDA accused of dumping her dog on multiple occasions

- Texas, USA -

The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office says that 36-year-old CRISTAN TEJEDA (pictured below), is accused of abandoning her St. Bernard dog on more than one occasion.

On January 13, the BCSO received a call from a man who said that there was a loose St. Bernard on his farm.

The caller added the dog was the same one from the day before and on that occasion, he had also reported the situation.

Deputies went to the farm to pick up the dog, named Rocky, and his microchip associated him to TEJEDA.

A deputy called TEJEDA to let her know they had Rocky.

She claimed he had slipped out of his collar and ran off when she was on a fishing trip at the Navasota River about four or five days earlier.

TEJEDA then said she was in Memphis, TN, and could not pick up Rocky.

She agreed to cover housing fees, and Rocky was taken to Aggieland Humane Society.

Rocky was then placed under legal hold and received vaccines.

The deputy who talked to TEJEDA wanted to verify her version about Rocky slipping out of his collar and asked staff at the Aggieland Humane Society if the woman had called reporting her dog missing.

Staff said no one called to report Rocky as a missing dog.

At that point the deputy calculated the distance between where Rocky was found, and the spot where TEJEDA claimed he had gotten loose.

That distance was 17 miles.

The vet who examined Rocky at Aggieland Humane Society, Dr. Jeter, noted that his pads had only little wear.

They appeared in good condition, so the vet discounted the possibility of Rocky traveling for 17 miles.

From an investigation it emerged the Bryan Animal Center had dealt with TEJEDA a few days earlier.

TEJEDA had called Bryan Animal Center on January 5, under the name of JOY RIBARDO to report Rocky as a stray and took him to them.

When staff scanned Rocky, the information linked him to TEJEDA, so they called her, but she did not pick up.

They then sent her a text message asking her to go back and pick up her dog, but she responded she was at work, she could not care for him, and told staff to keep the dog.

Staff explained to TEJEDA they could not keep the dog but presented her with alternative rehoming options.

TEJEDA was also advised by staff that she would be cited if she did not pick up Rocky and for lying about him being a stray.

At that point TEJEDA went back to Bryan Animal Center and reportedly, she said that since they would not accept Rocky, she would “dump the dog in Houston.”

The BCSO has charged TAJEDA with cruelty to a non-livestock animal.

Voice For Us has reached out to the Sheriff’s Office to inquire about Rocky.

If I get a response, I will post an update.

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