COURTNEY MARIE PETRILLO accused of breaking into a home and stealing a puppy

- Pennsylvania, USA -

25-year-old COURTNEY MARIE PETRILLO (pictured below), is accused of breaking into a home, trashing the place, and stealing a 7-month-old puppy who was inside.

This insane female then threw the puppy out of a moving car.

Mr. Carl Martello witnessed the furbaby being tossed out of a red vehicle on North Eighth Street.

He and his girlfriend immediately stepped in to rescue the puppy and then called Jeannette Police.

CBS reports that investigators say PETRILLO kicked the door of the home along Harrison Avenue, and once she was inside, she busted a big screen TV and vandalized the place.

According to the authorities, the whole thing started when PETRILLO and the human victim got into a nasty online disagreement.

The good news is that despite the ordeal the furbaby has experienced, he is doing well and was returned to his guardian.

PETRILLO is facing numerous charges including aggravated animal cruelty, trespassing, and burglary.

She is on the run so if you see her, please call the Jeannette Police. Thank you!

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