CHRISTOPHER ROGERS charged with shooting neighbor’s dog

Updated: Jan 12

- Florence, South Carolina, USA -

Florence Police Department have announced through a press release that 22-year-old CHRISTOPHER ROGERS (pictured below), was arrested on Friday, August 23, and charged with ill treatment to animals and discharging a firearm in the city limits.

On Friday police responded to a home in the 1100 block of Kenwood Avenue regarding a dog being shot.

Officers learned that Rogers had shot one of his neighbors’ dogs after the furbaby, a 1-year-old Doberman named Lex, went into his yard.

Police say that the accused was mowing his lawn. He went inside his home, grabbed a gun, came back out and shot the defenseless pup.

Lex’s parents, Mrs. and Mr. Stokes said that they left their two dogs in their fenced backyard for less than an hour. Somehow Lex got out.

Mr. Stokes said: “It’s a senseless thing that shouldn’t have happened. This guy decided to make a permanent solution for a temporary problem.”

Rogers was released the same day after posting a bond over $10,000.

Lex was buried at another family member’s home.



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