Cat falls off out of the sky lands on dog walker and knocks him unconscious

- China -

If CCTV had not captured the bizarre incident, I wouldn’t have believed it.

It happened on July 12, in the city of Harbin, in the province of Heilongjiang.

The 45-second footage shows a man, later identified as Gao Fenghua, walking his dog, a Golden Retriever.

Suddenly, a black and white cat lands on Mr. Fenghua’s head causing him to collapse on the sidewalk and becoming unconscious.

The poor frightened cat runs away right after while the Golden Retriever keeps on walking and sniffing the grass wearing protective shoes on his front paws.

At first, bystanders do not seem interested in finding out what happened to the man laying on the ground, but once his furbaby realizes that his daddy is not behind him, he goes back to check on him.

Then, the dog spots the cat cowering by a building, and slowly approaches him and lunges at him barking.

The feline knows how to defend himself though.

The video proceeds to show a long stare the two furbabies exchange and then it cuts off.

Reportedly, the feline fell of the balcony of his home, and his guardian happens to be Mr. Fenghua’s neighbor.

Mr. Fenghua was hospitalized and is now recovering at home.

He is seeking compensation from his neighbor.

Both furbabies were unharmed.

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