CARA MARIE COPELAND arrested for abandonment and animal cruelty

Updated: Feb 9

- Florida, USA -

On Sunday, February 7, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office arrested 43-year-old CARA MARIE COPELAND (pictured below).

According to NBC2, as per arrest report, COPELAND was arrested for a warrant that was issued in 2019.

Authorities say that COPELAND’s dog, Hank, was found a few streets away from his home, malnourished and in poor condition.

Hank’s microchip was connected to COPELAND and an officer contacted her.

She told the officer that she was aware of Hank’s problems but was unable to financially deal with them.

Hank was examined by a veterinarian who determined that the furbaby had a severe chronic skin condition, a chronic ear infection, and swelling in his face and paws.

The veterinary assessment was that Hank was suffering as a result of neglect.

COPELAND was booked into the Charlotte County Jail on abandonment and animal cruelty charges.

Voice For Us has contacted Sheriff Bill Prummell to inquire about Hank.

An update will be posted if I get a response.

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