Bulldog saved by South Milwaukee Fire Department after falling through ice in Lake Michigan

- Wisconsin, USA -

The 12-year-old Bulldog in the pictures below is Tuff.

He was rescued by the South Milwaukee Fire Department (SMFD) on Friday morning, January 31, after he fell through the ice and into the frigid waters of Lake Michigan.

Reportedly, the poor furbaby ended up on the ice because he was trying to retrieve a stick and was submerged for 10 long minutes or even longer.

SMFD, who ironically trained in the very same area just on Wednesday, were called in.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the incident happened in the channel between the Grant Park beach and South Milwaukee Yacht Club, 101 Marshall Avenue.

Lt. Kurt Egner of the South Milwaukee Fire Department said that prior to their arrival bystanders tried to throw a rope to Tuff but were unsuccessful.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also reports that a member of the fire department donned a cold-water rescue suit, hooked a rope to himself and went after Tuff.

The furbaby was then transported to a local veterinarian and thankfully is expected to make a full recovery!

Many thanks to our Angels on Earth with uniforms who risk their own lives daily to save animals and people!



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