BRYAN LEE DUNNING arrested for torturing his boyfriend’s Pitbull

Updated: Mar 5

- Indiana, USA -

UPDATE: March 5, 2021

The Evansville Police Department kindly responded to my email and informed me that the Pitbull abused and tortured by BRYAN LEE DUNNING is a female named Mamacita.

Mamacita is 4 years old and has brown hair.

She has been examined by a vet and seems to be doing “fine physically.” EPD tells me that Mamacita is “currently living with a third party who is taking extremely good care of her. However, she is very skiddish [skittish] and untrusting of humans at this point.”

As for DUNNING, he has an afternoon hearing scheduled for March 8, 2021.

Many thanks Evansville Police Department for your help.

~ Original story:

Authorities have arrested 33-year-old BRYAN LEE DUNNING (pictured below).

According to TRISTATE HOMEPAGE.COM, police say a security video shows DUNNING abusing his boyfriend’s Pitbull terrier.

In the video DUNNING can be seen picking up the dog and slamming the furbaby to the ground multiple times.

DUNNING then hits the poor dog before throwing him/her off of stairs to a concrete basement.

When DUNNING was placed under arrest, he told officers that he was high on meth because he was angry his boyfriend was in jail at the time.

14 News reports that DUNNING now faces two counts of animal cruelty/torture.

The sources I have used did not mention the wellbeing of the dog.

I have emailed Evansville Police to inquire about the furbaby.

If I get a response, I will post an update.

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