BILLY EARL ELLIS arrested after several starving animals were found at his home

- Alabama, USA -

Authorities have arrested 53-year-old BILLY EARL ELLIS (pictured below).

Tri-City Ledger reports that ELLIS was taken into custody on March 5, after Escambia County Sheriff Heath Jackson and several deputies went to his home on 177 Randolph Avenue and discovered “numerous cats and dogs that had been starved with the rib cage protruding under the skin.”

According to Atmore News, the Sheriff’s Office had received numerous complaints about the state of the property and the condition in which the poor animals were being kept.

One dog was tied to a fence with a heavy chain.

Sheriff Jackson said that the animals were emaciated and shy of human interaction.

He also said that there were at least twenty dogs, two litters of puppies, at least fifteen cats but it was hard to get an accurate count.

On March 5, deputies removed six of the animals and they then went back some days later accompanied by animal control officers from Atmore and lured the remaining animals from underneath the house with food.

Sheriff Jackson said a total of eleven cats, three puppies, and fourteen adult dogs were rescued.

ELLIS was booked into the Escambia County Detention Center in Brewton on ten counts of aggravated cruelty to animals but Sheriff Jackson said more charges were pending since one of the dogs died in surgery.

On Monday, March 8, ELLIS had his bond hearing during which Sheriff Heath Jackson told District Judge Eric Coale that the dogs and cats had no food or fresh water and deputies were having a hard time catching them.

Sheriff Jackson then told the judge: “While we were there a cat fell off a truck and a dog grabbed it and started eating it. It showed they were hungry.”

When the judge asked Sheriff Jackson for a recommendation on bond, the sheriff said at least $100,000.

One condition of ELLIS’ bond if he gets out is that he does not possess any animals.

The dogs are being housed at Brewton Animal Control.

Sheriff Jackson said: “The suspect signed the dogs over to the sheriff’s office, and Paws Crossed (Dog Rescue) is trying to help us find homes for them.”

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