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BENJAMIN DAVID RICE sentenced after he starved innocent animals to death

- Virginia, USA -

On March 15, 31-year-old BENJAMIN DAVIS RICE (pictured below), was sentenced to two years behind bars after pleading guilty in Amherst Circuit Court to two felony counts of animal torture causing death, possession of meth and four other charges.

News Advance reports that RICE was given a 30-year sentence with all but two years and 10 days in jail suspended.

RICE was also convicted of other charges including failure to appear in court and providing false information on a sex offender registry.


In July 2019 the Amherst County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation after receiving an anonymous report about a residence off Toytown Road filled with animals.

The residence in question was the one RICE had lived in with his girlfriend, 55-year-old DOROTHY LOUISE ADCOCK (also pictured below).

Deputies visited the home several times until they learned that the couple had moved out of the property, cut off its power, and left dogs inside.

According to News Advance, in mid-August deputies left a posted notice on the door which went unanswered.

Deputies went back to the residence on September 22.

A neighbor said they had been trying to slip food and water into the house for the dogs.

Once deputies finally entered the home, they discovered deceased dogs and at least one dead bird in a cage.

There was no food or water for the poor souls and there was feces throughout the house.

A veterinarian determined that the five deceased animals found by the deputies had died of dehydration and starvation.

Two dogs, a Terrier and a Pitbull were found alive and were taken to a shelter.

After pleading guilty to animal neglect, ADCOCK was sentenced on November 24, 2020.

She received a ridiculous six-month jail sentence.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of felony torture of animals causing death.

ADCOCK will no longer be able to own a pet, and she won’t be able to own any other kind of animal for 10 years.

The filthy murderer was taken into custody after her hearing.

Seven charges against RICE were dropped as part of the plea agreement.

Judge Michael Garrett ruled RICE is prohibited from owning companion animals for life and he cannot own or possess any animal for a 10-year period.

BENJAMIN DAVIS RICE and DOROTHY LOUISE ADCOCK will be fed while in jail thanks to taxpayers’ money.

They will not be denied food or water like those helpless animals they abandoned !!!

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