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Arrests made after live cats and dogs and a dead dog found in deplorable conditions

- Connecticut, USA -


The Ansonia Police Department arrested 26-year-old ASSANTE COVERSON and 30-year-old JAVON COVERSON (both pictured).


According to the Department’s press release, on June 6, 2024, officers and detectives executed a search warrant at a property on 22 Condon Drive in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation. During the search, officers discovered several dogs who were emaciated and needed urgent medical attention. Police said the status the dogs were found in indicated “severe neglect.”


According to court documents obtained by Voice For Us, with the assistance of Ansonia Animal Control and Woodbridge Animal Control, eleven (11) dogs and three (3) cats were removed from the property. The poor souls were found to be living in “deplorable, inhumane, and dangerous conditions.”


Sadly, one dog was found deceased. The deceased dog was discovered “in the rear of the property in a garbage bag on a wheelbarrow,” stated the document. Police said the furvictim’s body will be sent to the University of Connecticut so that a necropsy can be performed to determine the cause of death.


The live dogs were taken to the Ansonia Seymour Veterinary Hospital for treatment.

The document identified the Voiceless Victims as:














As stated in the document, veterinarians advised Ansonia Animal Control Officers that “the condition of the injured dogs was serious, and that they had low body health scores, and displayed signs of abuse, mistreatment, and severe injury but not limited to: malnourishment; low body weight; feces and urine burns; ear infections; conjunctivitis; ocular ulcers, and flea infestation.”


According to medical reports, the dogs “appear to have been neglected or cruelly treated”, so the City of Ansonia’s Animal Control Department took custody of them “to safeguard their welfare.”


Police said that despite efforts to save the dogs, sadly two of them were euthanized “due to their extreme medical conditions.”


Police charged ASSANTE COVERSON with:

Cruelty to Animals

Failure to Comply with Dog Ownership Requirements

Failure to Comply with Rabies Control Ordinances


A ridiculous $1,000 bond was set which he was able to post so he is free.

He is scheduled to appear at Derby Superior Court on June 14, 2024.



Eight counts of Cruelty to Animals

Seven counts of Failure to Comply with Dog Ownership Requirements

Seven counts of Failure to Comply with Rabies Control Ordinances

Bond set for him was $10,000 which he posted and he is also free.

The court date set for him is for June 20, 2024, at Derby Superior Court.


So far, the investigation has led to the arrest of these two individuals but police said that more arrests are to be expected.


The court document stated that the Ansonia Police Department determined that all twelve (12) dogs are “owned” by:


LORRIE MCINTOSH-COVERSON (owner of the property)






The document further stated that the Ansonia Police Department also determined that all twelve (12) dogs were “severely neglected, injured and/or abused” by:








Police said anyone with additional information regarding this case can contact Det. Troesser at (203) - 735 - 1885. Thank you!


# # #


Voice For Us Disclaimer: This story is sourced from the press release by the Ansonia Police Department and court documents. Please note that details may be removed or new information added should updates become available.

In the case of charges being dropped, dismissed, or the case being purged, this article will be rectified accordingly, if official documentation is provided to Voice For Us.



Mugshots shared from the Ansonia Police Department

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
13 jun

This putz needs to have that ugly smirk wiped right off his even uglier mug! Damn all these idiots for abusing & neglecting these blessed souls. Karma will escort their damned arses to HELL where they will receive the exact treatment these innocent souls received. Damn them all! RIP INNOCENT SOULS. You deserved better but were failed.

Me gusta
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