ANTHONY TYRONE THOMPSON sentenced for killing a Pitbull puppy among other crimes committed in 2019

Updated: Mar 2

- Virginia, USA -

On Thursday, February 25, in Grayson County Circuit Court, 48-year-old ANTHONY TYRONE THOMPSON (pictured below), was sentenced for crimes committed in 2019.

WDBJ7 reports that THOMPSON has been sentenced to 40 years in prison and two years in jail for a case involving sexual assault against a woman and the death of a dog, as well as drug charges.

26 years of the sentence against THOMPSON is suspended, leaving 14 years in prison and two years in jail.

In 2019, while Grayson County Sheriff’s detectives were investigating a rape case of which THOMPSON had been accused, they learned that THOMPSON had also been abusive toward a puppy.

It emerged that THOMPSON’s puppy died after being beaten and sprayed internally and externally with bug killer.

WSLS reports that THOMPSON would throw the puppy by her collar and kick her.

According to Grayson County Commonwealth’s Attorney Brandon Boyles, the furbaby’s remains were found at THOMPSON’s residence on August 27, 2019.

At THOMPSON’s residence a deputy saw multiple smoking devices and a small bag of white powder.

Test results showed that power was cocaine and Boyles said the smoking devices tested positive for methamphetamine.

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