AMR A. WASFI re-arrested after a puppy died in his care

- Connecticut, USA -

Animal abusers are toxic! Toxic people do not change, they only change their victims!

Some of you may remember 75-year-old AMR A. WASFI (pictured below), a “veterinarian” who was arrested last year for performing unnecessary surgery on a dog and hitting a kitten while he/she was under anesthesia.

Well, WASFI was arrested again on one count of cruelty to animals on Thursday, December 10.

This new arrest refers to the death of a healthy 10-week-old American Bulldog named Lyrics who was burned to death while in WASFI’s care.

Mr. Eric Jones, Lyrics’ dad, took his furbaby to Blackrock Animal Hospital on Fairfield Avenue in September, to have a procedure to crop his ears.

When Mr. Jones went to pick up Lyrics the next day, WASFI told him his dog had died of Parvo.

Captain Brian Fitzgerald, with the Bridgeport Police Department, said that an investigation determined that the dog died of overheating after WASFI left the dog on a heating blanket overnight.

Mr. Jones told News 12: “I’m still heartsick that my baby’s gone. That’s like my son. My pup was on the table, covered up, so I took the covers off of him, and then I said, “Hold up, something ain’t right,” pointing to burns underneath his body. He was trying to hide what he had done to my dog.

I can only guess that many of you are wondering why WASFI has been allowed to “continue to kill animals” and why his hospital has not been shut down.

WASFI was still practicing because the damn COVID has prevented his prior animal cruelty case from moving through the courts.

Capt. Fitzgerald openly told News 12: “We're just encouraging people at this point -- don't bring your animals to this hospital.”

The repeat killer was held on a $10,000 bond.

As for the charges prior to this new case, WASFI has pleaded not guilty and for that old case he will be in court in March 2021.

If you have brought your furbaby to Black Rock Animal Hospital and need to report abuse or file a complaint, please call Detective Paul Nikola at (203) - 581 - 5250 or contact him via email. Thank you!

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