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A hundred and fifty cats and kittens rescued by the SPCA Westchester from a Yorktown Heights home

- New York, USA -

The SPCA Westchester rescued a hundred and fifty (150) cats and kittens from a Yorktown Heights home after its Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) received an urgent call from the Yorktown Police Department requesting assistance.

Police discovered the cats when on Monday, January 30, 2023, they went to the home in the 100 block of Cordial Road to perform a wellness check and found the homeowners, a man and a woman in their 50’s, deceased in the bedroom.

The SPCA said in a news release that the felines were found “living in filth and squalor and being hoarded inside a small dilapidated home.”

Officials were unable to clear the scene until the SPCA’s rescue team members removed a majority of the cats, who were found trapped in every room of the home, including the walls and ceilings. The conditions were absolutely horrific,” stated the release.

The SPCA said that the all the cats, who appear to be Abyssinian mixes, “are sick and suffering with upper respiratory, eye and skin infections, malnutrition, dehydration, and sadly, some have more severe injuries that require immediate medical attention.” The organization also said that the VOICELESS VICTIMS were starving “and had likely not eaten or had access to water in many days.”

The stressful situation caused one of the furbabies to give birth on the way to the SPCA’s Rescue Center and many others appear to be pregnant.

Even after all that they've been through, the cats are incredibly sweet and just want to be loved,” said the SPCA.

The SPCA has described this rescue as the largest in their history and you don’t need me to tell you that extraordinary support is now needed to help the organization face this new challenge.

These innocent souls have been neglected for so long and are now in desperate need of veterinary care and rehabilitation which has been anticipated that will cost over $40,000.

The SPCA is understandably asking for donations. Rescue partners from Best Friends Animal Society, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, Westchester Humane Society, Rescue Right, and Columbia Green Humane Society have come forward to help.

If you wish and can afford to help out, please, click here to learn how. Thank you!

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Additional Source:

CBS News – February 2, 2023

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