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Woman caught on tape grabbing defenseless geese by their tiny necks at West Guth Park

- Texas, USA -

Kris 6 News reports that on Monday, March 13, 2023, its photojournalist was at West Guth Park to cover a story “about the duck pond.”

While on site, he saw “a group of people grabbing the geese by the neck.”

Thankfully, he promptly recorded the despicable act and then called the police and responding officers watched the distressing video.

The video, published by Kris 6 News, shows a woman first feeding the geese, then all of a sudden, she bends over and grabs one goose by the neck, then with the other hand she grabs another and holds them while the helpless birds try to escape.

The video goes on to show that at some point a child can be seen also grabbing a goose by his/her tiny neck and that happens in the presence of adults and other juveniles.

According to an update on the story published by Kris 6 News, “Corpus Christi Police said they identified the people in the video and had an extensive talk with the family. They are now turning the case over to Corpus Christi Animal Care Services. CCACS will review the information and decide if it meets the criteria for animal cruelty.”

I have emailed Corpus Christi Police Department and requested additional information. Lieutenant Peña confirmed in an email that “Corpus Christi Animal Care Services is handling the incident.”

Voice For Us Disclaimer: This story is sourced from official news outlets. Link included.

Details may be removed or additional information may be provided in future should such sources report an update.

Still images via video published by Kris 6 News.

Voice For Us did not cover the faces of these despicable individuals!

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
Mar 15, 2023

Well crap, this is my hometown! I hate that we made despicable cruel news. This woman & her family’s faces should not be blurred. She did this in public, name, shame & show their pics. I pray Animal Control will not just let this go! However, Corpus isn’t known for their animal follow ups. This is disgusting.

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