WENDY LUCINDA SAATHOFF finally arrested on animal cruelty charges 7 years after warrant was issued

- Wisconsin, USA -

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has had 42-year-old WENDY LUCINDA SAATHOFF (pictured below), on the “Most Wanted” list for almost seven years and she is now finally behind bars!

SAATHOFF was located on Wednesday, March 24.

She was first arrested in Sauk County and subsequently booked into the Douglas County Jail

SAATHOFF faces seventeen misdemeanor charges of failing to provide food and shelter to more than a dozen animals at a Foxboro residence.

The charges against SAATHOFF were filed in 2014, and on June 26, 2014, she showed up for her first court appearance.

She was released after posting a $5,000 bond and was ordered not to own, possess, or care for any animals.

SAATHOFF then failed to attend a follow-up status conference on September 2, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

In the meantime, SAATHOFF had moved to Duluth, Minnesota.

Superior Telegram reports that on March 25, 2021, SAATHOFF made an appearance in court before Court Commissioner Rebecca Lovejoy and cash bail was set at $5,000.

Once again, SAATHOFF has been ordered to not possess any animals.

Her next court appearance has been scheduled for May 21, 2021.

Back in 2014, The Superior Telegram had reported that according to the criminal complaint,

the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint and Deputy Patrick Carey went to

SAATHOFF’s home in Foxboro on May 31.

He found seven horses and three goats in outside pens without food and fresh water.

A veterinarian examined the animals and noted that at least three horses needed treatment for starvation.

On SAATHOFF’s property there were also free-ranging chickens, geese, and a turkey with no pen or shelter.

Inside the home Deputy Carey found five dogs and three small rodents.

There was feces and urine throughout the house and there was no water or food for the poor animals.

When SAATHOFF was questioned by Deputy Carey, she told him she was working three jobs, that she was gone from early morning to late evening and added that there was no running water or electricity at the home.

Deputies and volunteers with the Humane Society of Douglas County rescued all the animals.

All but three of the animals were surrendered to the Humane Society of Douglas County.

Sadly, one goat died and the remaining animals were adopted.

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